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Car Driving License

The license to drive motorcycles is offered in three levels:

With the car driving license, the learner drivers acquire the driving license for motor vehicles up to 3.5 tons total mass. This driving license class automatically includes the classes AM (mopeds and three-wheeled motor vehicles and four-wheeled light motor vehicles up to 45 km/h) and L (tractors).

The driving license class B requires a minimum age of 18 years. In addition, we offer the driver’s license at the age of 17 for students who would like to drive a car with an authorized companion for one year as part of the “accompanied driving” program.

We offer the “key number 197” training introduced since 1.4.21. After a minimum of 10 driving hours on manual cars and a subsequent 15-minute test, this enables the remaining training drives to be completed, as well as the test drive on vehicles with automatic transmission. After obtaining the driver’s license, automatic and manual vehicles can be driven.

Our students receive practical training in VW Sportsvan, Tiguan and VW ID 3 (electric).

Basic amount


Basic amount for general expenses, including lessons.

Driving lesson

ÔéČ60/ driving hour (45min)

Price for highway, night, intercity driving lesson is: 65 ÔéČ.

Save 210ÔéČ


  • Theoretical exam: 70ÔéČ

  • Practical exam: 190ÔéČ


For driving students who want to make the driving license for class A or A 2 in combination with class B at the same time, we offer a discount. The basic amount is then only 480,00 ÔéČ.

Automatic driving license B197

Automatic Driving License B197 We offer the training introduced on April 1st, 2021 according to the “Schl├╝sselzahl 197” (key number 197). This allows you to complete the remaining training drives and the test drive on vehicles with automatic transmission after at least 10 driving hours on manual transmission vehicles and a subsequent 15-minute check. After obtaining the license, automatic and manual transmission vehicles can be driven.

Key number 196

With the “Schl├╝sselzahl 196” (key number 196), you will receive authorization to drive light motorcycles (Class A1 driver’s license) domestically after driver training with us. The following requirements must be met for this training:

  • At least 5 years of uninterrupted possession of Class B driver’s license
  • Completion of the 25th year of life